Delivery model

Delivery Model

SlovShore provides insight, people, tools and technology, and service to achieve the best results. We are the company which make technology work for our clients in cooperation with our technology partners. SlovShore delivers a full range of BPO and IT services and end-to-end solutions to the public and private enterprises. Our delivery model considers all important elements crucial for the operational efficiency:

The adoption of industry leading processes based on the best practice that support the business needs.
High performance teams consisting of skilled personnel available at specific the projects and at various locations.
Renown international technology companies supporting us and our clients with the appropriate tools and technology.
Quality is our key objective. Complex IT projects require the strong project management and quality assurance. Our experts are trained to help you achieving the best results.
Appropriate tools and technology provided by our alliance partners that support the team and process to increase the productivity and collaboration within the team.
Our approach reflects cultural nuances, different communication and virtual work requirements in order to get along smoothly with our clients and to run the projects effectively.
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IKVC Project

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In 2007 our company acquired a team of experts providing application maintenance and support (24x7x365) of a new complex IS/IT system...